Tacoma pushes for Light Rail by 2026

If you have been waiting to comment on Sound Transit 3, now is the time.  Public comment on the initial plan ends on April 30th.  To meet the November ballot, the Sound Transit Board must pass a finalized plan by the end of May, so please get your letters into Sound Transit ([email protected]) in the… Read More »

Draft ST3 Plan serves Tacoma with Light Rail in 2033, 2041

The Draft Sound Transit 3 plan is out for public comment, please take a survey.  The following analysis and commentary puts this plan in perspective for Pierce County and Tacoma.  ST3 is a 25 year regional transit capital and operating measure, starting in 2017, funded by a suite of three taxes, pending approval by voters… Read More »

Tacoma’s Mayor outlines City’s ST3 priorities

On January 21st, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland outlined to Sound Transit Board Chair Dow Constantine what Tacoma’s top 3 project priorities are for Sound Transit 3. Mayor Strickland’s ST3 priorities: Extending regional light rail from Kent-Des Moines Road to Federal Way and Tacoma Dome via I-5, Extending Tacoma Link to Tacoma Community College, and More… Read More »

Destination 2040: Pierce Transit plans for growth

Planning for the Future “Destination 2040” is the name of Pierce Transit’s first Long Range Plan, currently in development.  Next week Pierce Transit will begin holding a series of three open houses to showcase the draft plan and to allow for public comment.  The plan will outline the agency’s service development and growth direction for… Read More »

State passes Transportation Package, ST3 is a go!

Thanks to the efforts of innumerable partners, the State Legislature has passed a transportation package with the full $15bn funding authority for Sound Transit 3. This is huge news for Puget Sound and Tacoma commuters, as the transportation package will fund many local projects, including Bus Rapid Transit/Express on Pacific Avenue, a number of highway… Read More »

Tacoma’s Mayor says public needs to show up for Light Rail to Tacoma

About 50 people showed up to Tacoma’s ST3 open house showcasing Sound Transit’s draft project list for the next phase of light rail, bus, and commuter rail extensions. The largest concern for the crowd was extension of regional light rail to Tacoma from Federal Way and the airport. “We’re not going to accept bus service,… Read More »

Sound Transit 3 may LINK Tacoma Dome, Mall, TCC

Sound Transit yesterday released a list of projects for public review, some of which may go into a system plan for the third for phase of light rail, regional express bus, and commuter rail service expansion the agency is terming “ST3.”  Sound Transit is requesting your feedback on this project list to learn more about… Read More »

Tacoma Link Env’tl Analysis may sideline Stadium Way Station

Tacoma Link Expansion environmental analysis is now complete. The Tacoma City Council’s Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Committee heard a presentation on it back in March.  Later this month, Sound Transit will be announcing an open house to showcase the findings of the environmental work, which will kick off a two week public comment period. Following… Read More »